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Google Local Guide benefits and perks

When Google launched the Local Guide several years ago, no one could have realized that this software was going to have a significant effect on the local search ecosystem. After all, it is an admirable goal to make real people share their thoughts and resources to make Google Maps more usable and reliable.

Think about it. In today’s world, how many of you will look at the reviews before visiting a new place?

I know, I do. From restaurants, hotels, in-home services, and businesses, just to name a few.

Not happy with a hotel you stayed at because of rude employees? Let Google know. Love a restaurant that you live near? Let Google know.

Letting Google know is also letting someone else know that may be thinking about staying or eating there. That’s what is great about being a Local Guide. You get to help your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and any one that visits that destination.

Let’s talk a little bit about what a local guide is.

benefits and perks for Google Local Guides

What is a Google Local Guide?

A Google Local Guide is someone who wants to help Google Maps get better for Google users. Their goal is to work for the improvement of Google map information. Those who wish to share their local knowledge and experiences can publish information and become a Google Local Guide to others.

They enhance the web experience of other users by analysis, writing reviews, video and picture sharing, answering questions and correction or editing of missing Google Maps entries.

Google Local Guide is a Google-based online community, whose primary goal is to support the worldwide use of Google maps and other Google resources.

Why Join Google Local Guides Program?

Well, haven’t you ever wanted to work for Google? I know I have. I’ve always heard about all the cool things they had at Google Headquarters, such as; free snacks, lounge chairs, pool tables, and ping pong tables. Who wouldn’t want to go to that every day?

As a local guide, you too will get some cool benefits. Join today and start getting the benefits and perks of local guides.

Once you start sharing photos, reviews, answer the questions, or add a new place, you will start getting reward points. They offer different reward point values for everything. You can read all about the Google Local Guide reward points here.

Once you start gaining rewards points, you then start climbing the levels. When Local Guides first started out there were only 5 levels, but they have added 5 more levels. So, 10 levels total that you can reach. Who doesn’t like a challenge? You can read all about the 10 levels here.

How to Join Google Local Guide Community

It is super simple to join The Google Local Guide community. All you have to have is an active Gmail account. That’s it!

Just go to Google Local Guide website and sign up. Most of the information will be automatically entered by Google and now you are a Google Local Guide Level 1. You can also download the Google maps app on your phone and can start contributing instantly.

So, start contributing, gain higher ranking and get the cool benefits from Google. If you would like a more step by step on how and why to join, click here.

And, if you want even more in depth on how to join with video, and tips and tricks, click here and become a Vocal Local.

Now to the good stuff. The benefits and perks of joining Google Local Guides.

What Are the Benefits and Perks of Local Guides?

Once you join and start contributing you will then get some benefits according to your contribution points and local guide ranking. Here are the complete details about what benefits you can receive from Google.

  • You can join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts.
  • Join other locals during meet-ups and after reaching certain level status, promote your own meet-ups.
  • In some countries you can enter into exclusive contests for Local Guides.
  • You can be apart of the Google Local Guide Connect conversations all around the world.
  • Early access to new Google products and features.
  • You will be eligible to receive promotion of unofficial communities.
  • At level 4, you also unlock your first Local Guides badge, which helps your contributions to places get noticed even more.
  • Eligibility to be featured on Google online Channel like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Gaining access to the Google Drive storage from 15Gb to 1TB.
  • Travel perks, like bus ticket coupons and hotel discount perks.
  • Feet cold? Google will award you with local guide socks.benefits of Google Local Guides
  • Local Guide t-shirt and gift boxes.
  • Once you move up in the ranks, you can apply for the Local Guides Meet in California. All expenses paid trip to Google’s campus. This is an event that happens every year.
  • Free e-book purchases from the play store.
  • Every month they will send you your timeline update. This includes the cities and places you have been to, and how many hours and miles you spent driving.

Keep contributing to Google maps and you are sure to move up in points. The more points you gain the more free stuff you get.

Points and levels can take up to 24 hours to update. Points do not expire, though they may decrease if content is removed for violating their policies. Remain an active local guide contributor on Google Maps to be eligible for perks and early access to new features.

Why You Should Become a Google Local Guide

I understand that the above perks sound amazing. However, being a local guide is so much more.

Being a local guide is seen as community work that you do on a voluntary basis. There are lots of reasons why people contribute to Google Maps as a Local Guide.

Some have special interests like helping other families with young children to find child-friendly places. Or there are lots of Local Guides that make the world a more accessible place for people with certain disabilities by adding specific information to Google Maps if a place is for example, wheel-chair friendly.

Personally, I use Google Maps all the time to make informed decisions. Thanks to Google Maps, I frequently have 4 to 5-star experiences. To do so, I rely on the ratings and reviews by other people and I find it fair that I should add my share of information in return.

One of the most frequent mentioned benefits of contributing to Google Maps is that you are helping people and that gives a good feeling and is beneficial for your health. It is meaningful.

Not only do you help people navigate the world, you help the economy of your local community and the businesses you like in particular.

benefits and perks to Google Local Guides

So, just remember, as you are making your way to see majestic waterfalls, stopping at the largest candy store, or simply sipping your way to local breweries, become a guide to someone else. Help them stop at those amazing places too.

Don’t get lost with Google Maps and find the best local sites in your town.

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