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Dunnings Spring Park

Hidden in Northern Iowa you will find yourself captivated by Dunnings Spring Park. The 115 acres has so much to offer, you could spend a whole day there.

From picnicking, hiking trails, scenic overlook, stone arch bridge, ice cave, and historical information. But don’t forget the 200-foot waterfall.

Few people know about this amazing natural wonder so it’s usually not all that busy. Iowa is full of beautiful natural wonders, and many of them are famous throughout the state.

The beautiful, cascading falls of Dunnings Spring Park is one wonder that’s hiding right in an Iowa forest.

As you approach the park, you will find ample amount of parking. The park is located in Decorah off of Ice Cave Road, which Google also briefly shows as Quarry Street.

Accessibility to the falls is an easy 0.1-mile round-trip hike. And is even wheelchair accessible up to the base of the falls.

Dunnings Spring Park

Walking along the trail to the falls, which is a paved road, you can hear the bubbling creek off to your left. Actually, the time I was there (mid-June) it wasn’t really a bubbling creek, but more like a fast-moving and boisterous river.

It still did not prepare me for what was to come.

The waterfall.

A massive 200-foot waterfall to be exact.

I did not expect it to be so grand. If you are able and adventurous, you can hike up the right side of the falls to get amazing views of what is below.

There are stairs to climb up the left side of the falls, as well. However, I didn’t feel the stairs gave you as great of a view.

After taking in the colossal falls, I would suggest checking out some of the hiking trails.

The trails that we took weren’t all that difficult after the initial climb to the top. There is even an overlook to provide a panoramic view of Decorah.

Dunnings Spring Park is truly one of Iowa’s hidden gems, and many people will drive past it dozens of times before even realizing it is there.

Its proximity to downtown Decorah and the famous Ice Cave makes it a must-see.

So, pack a picnic lunch and relax in the shade of the forest with your friends and family as this impressive fall roars in front of you.

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