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How and where to find the best local sites in your town and start traveling like a local.

Be a local.

Travel like a local.

People are set into thinking that in order to get out of the house and do something, they need to spend money.

Unless you live in a city with very few people in it, I’m sure there are a bunch of things to do in your area for free.

You may have to do research to find them because they don’t always have the marketing to advertise but I’ll show you places to look.

Better yet, be a Google Local Guide and reap the benefits they offer.


  • With family or On your own
  • In your own area or Away on vacation

It doesn’t matter which because all these ideas will work.

You will probably find more free activities and places to visit than your time will allow.

finding the best local places

How and where to find the best local sites in your town

Community Calendars

A great way to finding the best local sites in your area is to search the local community calendars.

Many towns and cities maintain a community calendar that lists events in the area over the following month or so.

You’ll find events such as free music concerts, farmer’s markets, and anything that is going on in the community.

Parks and Recreation Department

Parks and recreation departments are also a great way to find the best local sites in your area.

Your town’s or cities parks and recreation department usually runs more programs and activities than you may think.

By visiting the parks and recreation department website you will find programs, classes, and activities that the whole family would love.

Get out in nature and see what it has to offer. You never know what crazy thing your going to find.

For instance, people surfing in a park. This was very odd to me but I really wanted to join them on the fun.

They may also have some educational programs to check out too.

Local Colleges and Universities

Another place to find the best local sites in your area is to check would be the local colleges or universities website, they usually work close within their communities.

Some have plays going on at the theater, or you can learn a new sport by going to a lacrosse game.

Some colleges offer:

  • Free classes
  • Give speeches
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Host festivals

They do this all for the community or surrounding areas during the Summer months.

Community Websites

Larger towns and cities often have a well-maintained website that provides notices on the homepage of upcoming events.

If your town or the one you are visiting has one, it would be worth checking out.

It’s always worth checking out the neighboring towns as well. There may be a day or time that is free at the local pool or activity center.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Free Local Newspapers

Find the best local sites in your area by checking local newspapers.

Yes, some towns still have a free local newspaper. You can pick these up at their office and sometimes at local convenience stores.

If they charge for the local newspaper, check to see if they have a website. Check out the advertisements section for local events and activities.

Local Library

The local library is a great place to check the bulletin board and brochures at the front desk.

This may point you to movie nights, speeches, presentations, club meetings, concerts, and other free community activities going on.

If you don’t find anything of interest, the library also provides you with free access to a ton of books, movies, and music to your hearts content.

And guess what? Library cards are free.

State Tourism Website

Every state maintains a tourism guide on their website. Check it out.

There may be something that you didn’t know that’s happening in the next town, such as a town festival. If you don’t live far from another state and don’t mind the drive, check out that state as well.

Make a weekend out of it if you have the time.

City Hall

Out of all the places, city hall would know where to find the best local places because they know the most of what’s going on the community.

Many cities feature several bulletin boards where groups can post listings for community events or activities.

It’s also worth checking out if you are interested in joining a new group that’s looking for new members.

Gas Stations and Restaurants

Anytime you go to fill up your vehicle with gas pay attention to any bulletin boards. Most gas stations have these near the restrooms that anyone can post flyers on.

Gas stations also sometimes have brochures near the check out for activities happening within the next few weeks.

Restaurants also have bulletin boards when you walk in the door that will display an array of local activities.

Google maps

I will admit it, google maps knows it’s stuff but they don’t always.

Yes, I said it.

Google doesn’t always know everything.

You may also be thinking…google maps? How on earth would google maps know how to find the best local activities?

Isn’t it just a map app that gets you from one place to the other? The answer to that is no.

It can do so much more.

It can: tell you the best local sites near you to eat, stay, if there are parks or attractions nearby. You can even search for live music that will be happening near you.

It can help you find the best:

  • Eateries
  • Hotels
  • Parks
  • Attractions
  • Live music
  • Plus more

And it will search all of this near where you plan on going.

Best ice cream shops, here I come!

Best eateries

Now this is the scary part. Are you ready to hear it?

Google maps, I would say, is like a stalker. It knows where you are so it can give you recommendations on places or activities that are happening near you.

It’s a little scary, I admit but if you don’t want google to know your location when you’re not using it, there is an incognito mode if you would like to stay under the radar.

Being a google local guide is one of the best ways to find the best local sites in your area.

Another cool feature in google maps is the ability to be a google local guide and help others find activities in your area.

If you like writing reviews and would like to help out your community, check out how to be a Vocal Local with google local guide.

You can join millions of others and be a vocal local, most anyone can do it but if you prefer to learn more about traveling with Google Maps, click here.

Finding the best local places in your area
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

With all these resources your bound to find more free activities than you have time for.

Finding activities to do while at home on a staycation or on vacation shouldn’t be stressful but it also shouldn’t break the bank.

Now there is no need to walk around the block again, unless of course you want to.

Check out Google maps, community websites, or the areas many bulletin boards.

You now have the knowledge to visit and travel your city and other areas like a local.

Want to learn more about traveling with google maps, check it out here.

finding the best local places in your town
finding the best local places in your town

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