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Travel right out of college and never regret the decision.

Considering traveling after college? You’re not alone. Many graduates start to get the travel itch and want to explore after spending 2, 4, or 6 years cooped up in a dorm room.

So, should you travel right out of college? YES! Traveling right out of college won’t just give you a taste of the real world. It’ll give you a whole damn feast.

You think it might be best to establish a career first, and then travel later. You’ll be more stable, you’ll have more money, you’ll know who you are, and you’ll appreciate travel adventures more because you’ve got things “figured out.” Good idea, right? Wrong!

Not only will the experience not hurt your career, I truly believe it will help you in more ways than I can count.

It’s all those things that make life worth living. Such as; sunrises and sunsets, new friends made during late nights around campfires, and neon lit city streets, worn backpacks, stamped passports, and journals bursting with notes.

That’s what you find in travel, and you shouldn’t wait to seek it.

travel right out of college

You’re Not Tied Down

It’s not easy to drop everything and travel the world when you have a bunch of responsibilities.

You probably don’t have kids or pets to worry about and most likely don’t have a mortgage to pay off yet. And traveling before you start a new, maybe serious job allows you freedom to explore the world without the time constraints of vacation days.

Keep in mind, you just spent the last 19 or so years of your life in school – take a breather. A new chapter of your life is about to start and it’s good to take a little time off before jumping right in. Even if that means traveling by yourself.

Even if you don’t go abroad, there are plenty of cheap places to travel to in the USA.

It May Help You Get A Job

As you approach college graduation and hear endless talk of resume writing and job hunting, it’s natural to think that you have to start your career as soon as the ink is dry on your diploma. In reality, though, going abroad may likely impress potential employers once you’re back home.

Companies want to work with interesting, smart, worldly, and engaging people. It’s not just about the life or work skills you gain while abroad. It’s the experience alone that may make you more memorable and interesting.

Working in an international setting improves your communication skills and you learn the many differences throughout the world.

Employers will be impressed to see you had the initiative and courage to travel to a new country and establish and support yourself. Not many people are able to take that leap.

If you’ve already started a career you love, learn to travel more with a full-time job.

travel right out of college

Think You’re Going to Learn A Lot in an Office Job?

Picture yourself stepping off the plane in a foreign country with a 45lb backpack. You’re alone and none of the airport signs are in English. You don’t have a phone and you can’t get WiFi access on your iPod.

You have an address of where you need to go and a few instructions on how to find the nearest train station. The first few people you ask for help don’t speak English well and are in too much of a hurry to stop and try to figure things out. What would you do?

While traveling abroad, you are faced with dilemmas like this on a daily basis. You have no choice but to become a strong, independent, problem-solver and make your way through these mini obstacles.

How many times in an office job does a person face a scenario like this?

Chances Are, You Won’t Regret It

I regret traveling around the world and having awesome experiences” said no one, ever.

You can spend days, weeks, and even months coming up with excuses for why not to go. Instead, you would rather get ahead in your career or save some money.

But those excuses may only leave you with regret down the road.

The planning process isn’t glamorous. It isn’t easy, and it can’t all be planned overnight. This adventure isn’t for everyone. But, if you’ve been eagerly seeking a fresh start and an exciting new beginning, then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Don’t put it off or you’ll find yourself regretting not doing this before you have kids, a mortgage, and car payments. If this something you want now then make it happen.

You have the rest of your life to get to that ‘normal’ job. Don’t rush it.

You Could Discover Your Life’s Passion

Travel right out of college can not only help clear your ideas of what you want to do, career-wise, but it can also introduce you to newfound passions. Or you could find something you never realized you loved.

Going abroad will open your eyes to new cultures, lifestyles and maybe even new opportunities or potential careers.

You’ll Gain Perspective

Traveling, in and of itself, is such as great learning experience seeing the world through the eyes of different cultures and people.

Spending time immersed in a different culture can affect every aspect of your life. From how you treat others, to how you view the world, and even how you treat yourself.

It might change your professional goals. Maybe the meaningful work you lust to do will come from an idea sparked by someone, or something, or somewhere that you haven’t yet found.

By choosing to travel right out of college, your horizons will be broadened rather than bogged down by the stresses of being ‘successful’ at home immediately after college.

Plus, you probably need a break. You just earned a degree after working hard and studying for years.

You’re Able-Bodied and Resilient

travel right out of college

You’re young; travel is only going to get more difficult with age.

It’s good to be quick on your feet while traveling. You can handle the stress of lost luggage or missed connections. And won’t mind sleeping in an uncomfortable hostel bunk bed. You have the energy and drive to seek adventure.

You Won’t Have Discounts for Another 25 Years

Most of the best travel discounts are given to those who are under 27 years of age.

International Student IDs or unexpired universities IDs make you eligible for discounted airfare, train fare, tours, museum and park entry fees, meals and more. Some of these discounts can be at 50% off.

You won’t see discounts like these until you’re a senior—and by then you probably won’t be backpacking across Europe.

Better yet, become a Google Local Guide and learn from other locals on where the best places are to visit. Here’s how to join.

You’ll Learn Independence

Regardless of how independent you may be, traveling abroad builds on and cultivates that independence in a whole new way. When you are separated from everything that you know, you’re forced to fend for yourself. And learn how to thrive in ways you never thought possible.

When you are alone, you are pushed out of your comfort zone and forced to talk with strangers. Sometimes this leads to meeting the most amazing people you may ever encounter in your life.

You’ll Get to Know Yourself

It’s amazing what traveling teaches you about yourself. You’ll push yourself to do things you never imagined. And, those things will make you a stronger, smarter, kinder, more well-rounded person.

While traveling abroad, I learned that I could withstand a lot and that I could survive on my own. There were times it was definitely not as glamorous as I had anticipated, especially when I got lost or couldn’t pay for my hostel because my credit cards weren’t working.

When you are on your own, lost, hauling around your luggage in the heat and/or rain, and have no cell phone to communicate. (If you don’t know anyone, who are you going to call anyway). You learn very quickly that you can sit on the sidewalk and cry about it, or pick yourself up and handle it.

I was proud of the lessons I learned about myself through my travels, and I carry them with me to this day.

travel right out of college

Last Thoughts

Travel right out of college is one of those experiences that will likely change you for life, in the best way possible. And you won’t know just how significant the experience is until you take the leap. Go for it! Do not think twice!

Go meet amazing people from around the world and take in their culture while you’re still young. Create a life experience for yourself.

Yes, chances are your family and friends will question your decision to travel the world and put the whole ‘real world’ thing on hold. Just because society tells you to jump into a full-time career as soon as you possibly can after college doesn’t mean this is going to be the best fit for you.

If you have the desire to travel then don’t wait. It’s on your mind now, take action, do something about it, and go see the world!

Why would you want to jumpstart spending the next 40 years of your life working 40 hour weeks waiting for those 2 weeks of vacation to spend each year?

Don’t let the ‘American Dream’ get in the way of your dreams. You don’t have to wait until you’re 65 and retired to see the world, live while you’re young.

Need some cash before taking off, here are some shocking ways to save for travel.

Or, check out these money saving challenges that will have you traveling in no time.

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