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So why do we travel with our kids?

If you have ever traveled with your children you may have heard some of the common phrases; ‘Are we there yet’ or ‘I have to pee’.

Sound familiar? Maybe all too well?

So then why do we travel with our kids, again?

Even though family travel has its challenges, it is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time as a family.

As a solo traveler, I have learned so much, especially when travel pushes me out of my comfort zone. Now being married to a man with two daughters, travelling is a whole different experience.

Seeing their faces light up when they see their favorite animal for the first time in the wild. And then start to cry because they are so happy. (This is one of my many reasons why I like traveling with our kids.)

Travelling has many benefits for children as well. You can watch them as they conquer their fears and experience the world around them.

Below are 11 reasons on why we travel with our kids

travel with our kids

We Like Our Kids and Want to Spend Time with Them

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t always like my step children. But I do love them and want them to succeed in life and overcome whatever life throws at them.

Travel can help them become independent individuals; they get to learn and explore.

My passion is travel. And once my step daughters came into my life, I wanted to show them everything they were missing out on in the world by taking them everywhere. Of course, I couldn’t afford to take them everywhere around the world, so we started out small with road trips.

While on vacation, whether it’s on a road trip or flying on the plane, there is always some downtime that you have, just to talk. You don’t always get that at home, especially when you are running in all different directions.

Taking every chance that you can get to spend some quality time is a must. Because they grow up too quickly and soon, they will be gone.

Create Memories as a Family

Traveling as a family you will create so many memories. And spend even more time talking about those memories together.

Good or bad. It doesn’t really matter because you were together.

Travelling with your kids means spending more time with them. They will have stronger bonds with you and each other and shared memories to carry into their futures.

We Don’t Want to Let Having Children Stop Us From Doing What We Love

Yes, traveling as a couple and traveling with your kids is a whole different ball park. You not only have to worry about yourselves and your safety but also theirs. And for a parent that can be scary.

But don’t let this stop you from traveling with them because there are so many opportunities that you and your children will be missing out on. And also so many memories together.

fishing off a dock
Fishing off the dock at the cabin.

There is Something Special About Watching Our Kids Do or See Something for the First Time

Do you remember when you where younger and saw something for the first time? How amazed you were?

Seeing that wonder and amazement in their eyes is something special.

Kids, especially younger ones, seem to have no fear at all when it comes to anything. They love to learn and find out what their boundaries are. How far will you let them go?

No Better Way to Teach About the World Than To Show Them

We wish for our kids to be responsible, and to learn about the world around them. There is no better way to do that than to travel with them.

Learning from a textbook in a classroom is not the same as experiencing other cultures or other parts of your state.

Getting out there and meeting others from different parts of the world. Exploring through caves or going on a hike to see a waterfall.

Children are like sponges; they remember more than you would think. And you’ll learn a lot too.

They will also learn how to pack a bag and travel light at an early age.

Slow Down and Take Everything in

Above I talked a little bit about going in all different directions while at home, whether it be with driving them to soccer practice or school plays. Travel with your kids gives you that chance to slow down and take a breather.

Don’t plan a full packed trip. Instead, give yourselves time to relax and enjoy being on vacation as a family. After all, you do want to keep your family healthy while traveling.

Stop and do what the children do. If they stop to smell the flowers, you should stop and smell the flowers too. See things through their eyes.

You may be surprised on what you would’ve missed if they weren’t with.

Playing in the waterfall

We Want Our kids to Know That Life is an Adventure

What better way to learn about another culture, than to stay with a family that lives there? And to learn what daily life is like for the locals.

To travel to different parts of the States or World and show them where you are going on the map or globe, they will remember it better than just reading about it in a textbook.

The adventures that you go on together, the skills that they will learn, and social skills from talking to people from other parts of the world. Even if you are a few hours away from home, there are adventures to be had. Find out what local places are near you.

Traveling with your kids will teach them that life is an adventure.

Allows Us to Bond as a Family

Nothing is better than spending a little family time together.

You won’t only bond as a family but the kids will bond with each other as well. They will have stories to share with their friends on the amazing things they saw and did on the trip.

There will be stories and laughter that you can share with them for years to come.

So, travel with our kids, even if it’s a few hours away for a weekend. It can be good for the whole family.

Opportunity to Ditch the Routine

Having the opportunity to ditch your daily routine is something that should be done every now and then. It puts you in new surroundings and experiences and this can reset your body and mind.

Travel relieves stress and boosts mental health.

It’s not only good for you and your spouse but also good for the kids. Everyone needs a little break once in a while.

Traveling gives you a chance to reboot your system and start fresh when you come back.

Teaches the Kids Responsibility for Trip Planning

Get the kids involved in planning the trip. This will teach them responsibility in budgeting as well as planning a trip.

Give each of them a certain task, whether it be where you will be going or what activities to do in a certain area.

There is no need for you to plan the whole trip.

Make it a family affair.

This will make them feel like they have a say and possibly enjoy the trip a little more. They will get excited about the day or activity that they got to plan.

Teenagers are especially hard to please, so letting them be a part of the process will get them excited. Also, let them know up front what is to be expected. Traveling with teenagers? Read here.

Meet Locals

Children are naturally curious by nature and what better way to foster and build on that curiosity than by exposing them to people, places and cultures that are so different to their own.

I understand that a lot of parents teach their children ‘stranger danger’, and yes, please keep your children safe. However, not everyone is bad.

Make sure to know what you are getting yourselves into before going. Do the research on the destination. If you have a fear of traveling, in any shape or form, read here.

I understand that not every trip is meant for kids and not everyone wants to travel with their kids and that is understandable.

playing catch with local children

Traveling with your kids can be a challenge with the meltdowns and frustrations. However, it does have it’s benefits as well.

Not only will it help them overcome fears with you by their side but also teaches them independence.

When they are ready to leave home and go out on their own, you will know that they will have a better sense of direction, now how to budget, be street smart, well cultured, be patient and kind to others, and know how to plan for almost any scenario that gets thrown at them.

If your not sure where to start, check out The Top 5 Beginning Steps to Start Traveling or 21 Amazing Benefits of Travel and Why It’s Good For You.

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